Friday Nights:
F L A M E N C O 

A performance where the journey will expose you to different styles of Spanish music, folklore, classical and flamenco. With significant pieces of composers such as Albeniz and vicente Amigo. 
The Journey will be directed by a musical trio composed by Violin (Sophie Dunn), Spanish guitar(Max Walker) and weekly guest dancers and 

Show times: 9pm
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Saturday night:


Herencia is a cross between two cultures. A journey of the artistic gifts brought together between Spain and Cuba and how they helped to enriched the music even more. 

The night will be guided with the magnificent Erik Turro (buena vista social club), who with his art of dance and story telling brings these two cultures together once again. 

Artists: Erik Turro, Alberto Armrnta (dance), Carolina Nieto (Dance). 


Show times: 9pm & 10.45pm

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After Party show


From 11pm join us for the 'After Party' show. We turn things up a few notches and invite the Coco dancers to the stage alng side cuban master Eric Turro and  Cuban Dj till 1am